Signs of Identity

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Josefina en una clase en los primeros años del Virgen de Europa.


“In October 1968 CVE began its journey in Las Lomas, when Boadilla del Monte was a small, affordable area on the outskirts of Madrid.” . That is how one of our first CVE students remebers the migration of the Virgen de Europa family school from Colonia Fuente del Berro, in Madrid, to the west of the capital where it still stands today. Now we take pride in the celebration of the first 50 years of our adventure.



We believe that investing in education is investing in the future, so we offer comprehensive training that puts students in direct contact with the realities of nature and culture, developing their critical and creative spirit, and the values that allow the adults of tomorrow to make decisions that define their lives.



The Virgen de Europa school community aims to develop an educational action that leads to the formation of citizens capable of performing in a society that is evolving exponentially towards globalization, modernization and differentiated personalization. All this, within a system of humanistic values that allows our students to join the society in which they will have to live with professional and personal success.



What completes the task of training our students for the future is a series of competences and skills for life, among which are: oral and written communication skills; skills for observation, logical reasoning, and critical thinking; the skills to take on challenges, carry out responsibilities and persevere with a purpose; social commitment and attitudes of solidarity; teamwork skills; creativity and the ability to take initiatives.



The network of UNESCO Associated Schools is part of a large family spread over four continents with similar aims and objectives and where more than 11,000 schools in the world try, with their contributions, to improve the living conditions of the planet's inhabitants through heritage conservation, sustainable development and interculturality in a peaceful environment.



The CVE Foundation is the resource through which the Virgen de Europa School shares with its school community, and with society in general, its long-standing commitment to the mission of educating, collecting educational experience that spans more than fifty years, and endorsing the values and principles that gave life to an innovative school in which its students learned to be free and responsible.