Our Identity

Colegio Virgen de Europa

CVE is a privately owned educational centre. The main purpose of the institution is to train free and responsible Christian men and women, in a context of high-level academia and a climate of collaboration. We are committed to constant improvement: educational action is always our first priority above any other consideration.

We believe that investing in education is investing in the future, so we offer comprehensive training by putting students in contact with realities of nature and culture with a critical and creative spirit and with values ​​that allow the adults of tomorrow to make decisions that give order to their existence.

We educate in an environment in which mutual respect is the basis of coexistence, and trust is the basis of communication.

Our philosophy is based on the fact that no one does for the student what he is able to do for himself, and in this way we see their potential and their weaknesses and work with them individually to reach that potential.

Everything is important. We value both fundamental subjects such as Language, Mathematics, Social and Natural Sciences, in addition to Foreign Languages, or special and formative languages, Physical Education, Arts and Music. We create a complete training harmoniously developing the potential of each student. We are an educational community that involves teachers, students, and families in everything we do.

We provide comprehensive training, and we advocate for an optimized school day with daily English and Physical Education teaching.

We have a team of teachers solidly trained professionals in the subjects they teach, who have an active and personalized didactic methodology, open to innovation, willing to be permanently trained and whose the core values are ​​consistent with those of our Educational Project.