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The CVE Foundation is the resource through which Colegio Virgen de Europa shares with its school community, and with society in general, its long-standing commitment to the mission of education. Collecting more than fifty years of educational experience and endorsing the values ​​and principles that gave life to an innovative school in which its students learned to be free and responsible, the CVE Foundation is determined to open new paths.

Educating is what gives meaning to our steps, which have been oriented in our first five years of activity towards the opening of a CVE Professional Studies Centre and towards the development of projects that will materialize our conviction for the need to educate to build a fairer world.


One of the hallmarks of Colegio Virgen de Europa is the importance given to sport in the process of building the personality of the students through every stage of learning. From this tradition, and based on the magnificent facilities within the school, the Foundation has the administrative authorization to teach two attractive professional training degrees strongly oriented towards the employability of students: Technician in Conducting Physical Sports Activities in the Natural Environment (TECO) and Higher Technician in Animation of Physical Sports Activities (TAFAD).

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The CVE Foundation has developed a Model United Nations that is made available to the UNESCO Associated Schools Network each year. It is an educational forum in which more than two hundred students from all over Spain are trained in the culture of peace and human rights, discussing the main current international issues, seeking agreement in accordance with the protocols of United Nations negotiation.

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We have contributed, in collaboration with ZercayLejos ONGD, to the building of a small pre-school education centre in the south of Cameroon, attended by Baka children. This school is already a benchmark for the development of a culture of solidarity among the entire CVE Community.

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The CVE Foundation develops intense and varied activities:

  • Publishes books and organizes seminars and symposia related to educational innovation.
  • Convenes and organizes an annual school PUBLIC READING TOURNAMENT.
  • It has launched a READING CLUB for the knowledge of Africa.
  • Promotes a VOLUNTEER CLUB.
  • Being part of and encouraging the activities of the CVE Pilgrims Association,
  • Encouraging the maintenance of the bond with those who have passed through the classrooms of CVE, through the activity carried out on social networks:, @FundaciónCVE en twitter y @nyabibete en Instagram.

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