Mission, vision and values

Mission, vision and values

The Virgen de Europa School community aims to develop action in education that leads to the formation of citizens capable of performing in a society that is evolving exponentially towards globalization, modernization and differentiated personalization. All this, within a system of humanistic values that allows our students to blend into the society in which they will have to live with both professional and personal success.

To achieve this institutional vision, the school proposes the development of the following objectives in the form of a mission:

  1. Approaching and joining international educational systems that know how to evolve and adapt to the needs of society in the future.
  2. Develop active methodologies that seek to train students in the performance of skills and competencies that are necessary to manage within the current, ever-changing, and growing systems of knowledge. Without neglecting the demands of the current educational system, the teaching content must be a means for the development of observation, reasoning, and critical skills.
  3. The radical changes in the transmission and management of information caused by the development of technology force us to transform educational activity and align it with methodologies that favour autonomy in learning processes and the use of new resources that are placed within our reach.
  4. To ensure that each student can design their own personal development project according to their abilities and interests, with the participation of all the parties involved: family, tutor, and teachers.
  5. Align the entire educational community within this common framework that is defined in the CVE Strategic Project. All the objectives and action plans must be developed at each level and area, with the teaching staff, together with the directors, the main protagonists of its success.


This vision and mission are supported by the development and realization of the following line of institutional values:

  • Transcendent sense of existence. Value our existence as a transcendent project. We must discover our role in the harmony of the world. Doing good, preferring justice, and seeking the truth, make sense in this perspective.
  • Behaviour in society. Respect is the key to coexistence; social forms are manifestations of mutual respect and should not be banished. Entrepreneurship, responsibility, tenacity, and self-improvement are the paths that have always led to active participation in social life.
  • Curiosity, wanting to search behind appearances, is the engine in the growth of humanity’s knowledge. Knowing, discovering, reflecting must be unconditional values. Beyond a utilitarian value, becoming familiar with the arts, sciences, the society of our time, is a source of authentic humanization. Man is complete in knowledge.