Student profile

Academic training understands that the knowledge that the student must acquire throughout his/her school life is an important part of training, but it is not the only thing that the school must promote.

What completes the task of training our students for the future is a series of competencies and skills for life, among which we can highlight: oral and written communication skills; skills for observation, logical reasoning, and critical thinking; the skills to take on challenges, carry out responsibilities and persevere in purpose; social commitment and solidarity attitudes; teamwork; creativity and the ability to take initiatives. In short, training students for the future that awaits them is not only filling heads with knowledge, it is also training them in skills that allow them to carry out their tasks in society.


  • Observer, reflective and critical
  • Solvency and responsibility in the use of ICTs
  • Good communicator
  • Effort and perseverance
  • Imaginative, creative, and autonomous
  • Love of knowledge and curiosity
  • Sociable and respectful
  • Supportive and committed
  • Initiative and teamwork skills
  • Self-confidence and personal balance