CVE Roots

JOSEFINA UNTURBE JIMÉNEZ was the founder of the CVE and its Director from 1961 until her death in October 2014.

There is no one better than her to explain her ideas, so we offer below some questions and answers culled from the interview carried out on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the school.

What prompted you to create an educational centre?

«The conviction that justice, happiness and efficiency in a free Society depend on the quality of the men and women who constitute it. Other social activities, such as politics, business or social help, deal with the pre-existing human reality. Only education proposes, looking to the future, to develop the potential of the child, believing that they can improve society, in the future and even in the present. Getting new generations to assume the imprint of love for truth, freedom, work, solidarity represents the great challenge that an educator has to face. This is a task in which results are not always obtained in the short term and, many times, it is something often unappreciated, but it constitutes an irreplaceable justification for life, which can only be understood by the joy that one feels for each new individual who fulfils himself as a person. »

What ideas did your educational project articulate?

«On the one hand it had general objectives that can be summed up in educating free and responsible Christian men and women and on the other hand, with regard to pedagogical techniques, it is equally necessary to breathe life into the project» »…

Josefina in a class in the early years of the Virgen de Europa.