Revista del departamento de Inglés: más de 40 páginas para dejar volar la imaginación

Revista del departamento de Inglés: más de 40 páginas para dejar volar la imaginación

Our names are Sarah, Mary, Ezti, and Pilar and we are the heads of the department for Primary, IB Diploma, Infantil, and Secondary. The first thing that we want to let you know, on our behalf and of all the department is that your children, our students, are awesome. We miss their smiles, their wit, even their teenage frowns, and especially their love. No matter what the situation is, they always respond to us and they are making our job easy and enjoyable in spite of the distance and the dramatic situation our country is going through.

It is extremely important to highlight that we have a wonderful team. The foreign language department, as well as the rest of the school, is responding with energy, drive, enthusiasm, and positivity in this crisis.

The intention of this magazine, directed by Ana Srepel, one of our secondary and baccalaureate teachers, is to showcase what we are teaching your children, no matter the age, what projects we are finishing, and which ones we are starting, what linguistic objectives we are carrying out and how, in order to continue helping the students keep their lives as optimistic and normal as possible. This also contributes to developing their life long learning skills, being prepared for anything that might come along their way, and facing it with determination and grit.

Life is about carrying on, moving forward with all our strength, for and with your children.
We will see each other very soon. Time flies!! Sarah, Mary, Ezti & Pilar

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